Hair Care Tips

homemade hair care tips


Hair care tip 1

Prepare a paste in castor oil and in the juice of bitter neem-leaves mixing in it origanum (shikakai), hog-plums(aarnla). soap-nut (arttha) and fenu-greek seeds powder. Then apply it in the hair to keep the hair black; i.e. to stop them turning white, and to increase the length and growth of the hair. Retain it in the hair for 45 to 60 minutes. Then wash the hair and let it dry. A little later, apply lukewarm castor oil in the hair
and retain it for 24 hours before washing the hair with shampoo.

Hair care tip 2

lt is advised to wash the comb thoroughly before using it, especially for those, who have severe dandruff or
hair-falling problem. Keep your comb separately. Remove hair-knots only with the comb with large teeth. Place a cotton cloth on your pillow cover, so that infection to others can be prevented and they can be secured of hair problems or hair diseases.


Hair care tip 3

For oily dandruff, mix the juice of ginger and lemon lé table-spoon each). in lukewarm olive oil and apply it in the hair. Massage it softly. Then allow hot- towel on it for 5 to 7 minutes. Wash the hair then. This treatment, once a week, will surely cure you of oily dandruff.

Hair care tip 4

To make hair-root strong, mix camphor in coconut oil and apply it on the scalp. Retain it for 45 minutes and
wash the hair with shampoo. Mix almond oil in bhrungraj oil and apply it on the scalp. Retain it for 24 hours. Then wash the hair. Dont tie the hair tightly. Comb the entangled hair only after it dries off. Thus, you can
save hair being pulled out and it will grow strong.

Hair care tip 5

 Those who are fond of swimming, because swimming-pool water has Chlorine and it makes hair dry and rough. lt is advisable to cover the hair with a shower cap; or the person should apply hair syrum before going for swimming because the syrum protects even wet hair. If you are a regular swimmer, you should go to an expert beautician for hair-smoothening treat- ment like Deep conditioning or Hair- spa.

Hair care tip 6

After any chemical treatment like hair-straightening. rebonding, perming. colouring, highlighting, etc., you are advised to use protectives like shampoo. conditioner, syrum, etc.. ln the hair after the treatment, if needed. go for hair treatment, so that hair-loss and hair- damage can be prevented. After the above-mentioned treatment, most of the hair problems can be sorted out.


Hair care tip 7

Get hair trimmed regularly at regular time intervals (1.5 to 2 months), so that hair with split ends and roughness of the hair can be prevented.

Hair care tip 8

Electronic or electronic gadgets like hair-drier, hot roller. crimper, etc. should be used in a limited frequency. lt is advised to apply protective product in hair so that hair-damage can be prevented.

Hair care tip 9


The application of honey mixed in ripe bananas functions as hair condi- tioning. Put on a shower cap over this application and retains it for 30 to 45 minutes before washing the hair. This treatment also makes hair soft and silky.

Hair care tip 10

Mix bitter almond, black sesame seeds and mustard seed oil, and massage the mixture on the scalp regularly. lt makes the hair strong and prevents hair- loss. Vitamin ‘E’ capsule also can be added in the oil to make the hair-root should take more care of their hair l strong.


colorful couple

colorful couple

magic of acrylic colors on canvas

magic of acrylic colors on canvas

Hello all,

Let me introduce myself in the world of colours.  I was not into paintings but from some time back i get some free time through which i started painting learning many strokes of brushes and colours myself only.  I was rejuvenated with full energy and new hobby developed in me.




Let me introduce myself……

Hi all,

This is the the space where I share my day-to-day life details when i am lonely and fill my space with all colours and life.  Let’s get involved in some interesting activities which we have never gone through.  It’s time to pursue all the hobbies and interest and if not then why not create some new interests …….Image